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Who we are & What we do?

Do you want to: Explore, adventure, and have a life-changing experience all around the Balkans?

Do you want to: Expand your horizon about culture, traditions and cuisine of the Balkans?

Do you want to: Pump your adrenaline by climbing Mountain tops, swimming the wildest streams, and exploring unspoiled coastlines of the Balkans?

If these questions have been running through your head for some time, then GoTo Balkans it he TO-GO place that will answer these three questions about traveling and experiencing in the Balkans. 

GoTo Balkans is an inbound tour operator that connects its products/tours in the most non-mainstream way throughout Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. Driven by our passion for traveling and adventure and inspired by the diverse beauty of our region, we want to share the local gems and unique experiences with the world.

Combination of history and culture with nature and adventure in order to create life-changing experiences for our clients is our craft.

Helping local businesses while promoting our beautiful region is our responsibility to strengthen sustainable tourism concept in this region.

Why you should choose us?

6+ Years of Experience

We are very proud to say that we can give you the best advice for your trip.

Reasonable Prices

We offer reasonable range of prices in  the market.

Professional Local Tour Guides

You will be full of information with our exceptional local tour guides.

24/7 Friendly Support

We will be available at any time, for any kind of need from the moment you book one of our tours, until you are back at your home.

What our clients say about us

Amazing tour across Kosovo with GoTo Balkans.
Taulant, the tour guide is exceptional. Funny and entertaining. This tour worths every penny. I would recommend this for everybody.
Sarah Bennett
United States
Tour in the Albanian riviera, has been an amazing and unforgetable experience delivered by GoTo Balkans.
Arian, the tour leader is very friendly and energetic person, and will take care that you will be surprised by seeing all what is a must see in the Albanian coastline.
Cynthia Morgan
For a long time we have been looking for tour that would show us the best of Kosovo and Albania nature. We were lucky to get this opportunity by GoTo Balkans. Their customized tour "7 days of adventuring in Kosovo and Albania highlands" has been a life-changing experience, we are amazed by the breathtaking beauty of Albania's north and Kosovo's west.
Austin Oliver

The hearts and minds behind GoTo Balkans

Team member image

Taulant Hoxha


Team member image

Arian Krasniqi